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Established in 2010, Lead the Change help ambitious leaders build powerful, purpose-driven organizations. The firm’s outreach is global, with clients across most of Europe, in North America, and in Asia. Recent clients include global NGO’s, the United Nations, major advocacy and journalism organizations, as well as numerous corporates


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Hendrik-Jan Laseur


Prior to establishing Lead the Change, Hendrik-Jan was principal advisor to the executive director of UNICEF in New York (2007-2010). He also worked for ABN AMRO Bank (1992-2007) in Tokyo, Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Zurich, including roles as personal secretary to the CEO and as a member of the executive committee of ABN AMRO Switzerland.

Hendrik-Jan has lived in 10 countries, on four continents, and is fluent in Dutch, English, German, French and is learning Portuguese. He is an economist (MSc. University of Groningen; Erasmus Rotterdam), and holds an MBA from INSEAD.

Hendrik-Jan is also a partner at sum people (Zurich), a leadership development boutique, and at Leaders’ Quest (London, Mumbai, New York), a social enterprise committed to improving the quality of leadership around the world through experiential programs. Additionally, he serves on various Boards, including Adessium Foundation (Rotterdam) and SustainAbility (London). Previously, he was on the Board of the Center for Public Integrity (Washington, DC), ISA Pharmaceuticals (Leiden) and chairman of the Board of IUCN NL (Amsterdam).

Hendrik-Jan lives in Lisbon, with his wife and 2 children, and travels extensively to meet his clients.


Camilla Rohrmann

Camilla received her BA from Johns Hopkins University, studied abroad at the School for Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), obtained a MSc. in International Management from King’s College London and a MSc. in Applied Psychology from the University of Liverpool.

Camilla has worked for the Danish Embassy in South Korea, Paul Collier at Oxford University and interned for UNICEF in Syria and Oman. Camilla is currently based in Amsterdam and has lived in North America, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Camilla is fluent in English and Danish, maintains conversational skills in Spanish, has basic Arabic skills and is learning Dutch.



Teresa Moura Pereira

Teresa holds a BA in Art History from NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities (Lisbon), studied abroad at Université Lille 3, and holds a MA in Arts Management from ISCTE-IUL (Lisbon), a university that focuses on the development of an entrepreneurial culture. She has worked at the Directorate-General of Cultural Heritage as an intern and has enrolled in projects with the Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology. More recently, she worked on research scholarship at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and was one of the main organizers of Cultrua, a cultural event.

Teresa is fluent in Portuguese, English and French, and has a basic understanding of Spanish.

Anne van Groningen

Anne studied History and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Amsterdam and obtained an MA in International Relations from Utrecht University. Throughout her studies she developed an interest in social movements and (post-)conflict areas, resulting in several research projects in the Middle East and an internship at Department of Political Affairs, Human Rights and Press & Culture of the Dutch Embassy in Colombia.

Anne currently works part-time at the Gieskes Strijbis Fund, a philanthropic organisation, and also works as a journalist and photographer for Small Stream Media, a Dutch media platform connecting regional journalism to global stories. Next to that, Anne is also a member of Worldconnectors, a network of prominent and engaged opinion leaders from different backgrounds who commit themselves to a sustainable, just and peaceful world.



Christiane Gräfin Hoyos

In her work with Lead the Change, Distel serves as a sounding board that brings clarity and creativity to members of our team. Furthermore, she is responsible for finance and administration at the firm.

Distel studied traditional woodwork in Munich and Paris. She has worked on the restoration of furniture, with a specialization in the French 18th century, in Versailles and Vienna. Around 2002, Distel shifted her focus to a different type of wood, and moved to the restoration and maintenance of old wooden ships. She is the proud co-owner of such a vessel, built in 1933, and presently berthed in Portugal. Distel has lived in 6 different countries since leaving her native Germany in the early 1990’s. In addition to German, she speaks fluent French, Dutch and English.


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